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This page is made to make you feel like discovering more about Brazil. We propose you here a gallery of nice pictures that were taken in Salvador da Bahia, in 2005. We are also providing you our selection of interesting gay links.
Praia do Farol, Salvador da Bahia

Itaparica island, Salvador da Bahia

Surfer at Praia do Farol, Salvador da Bahia

So you enjoy Brazilian twinks or studs ?
Brazilian males can be very different: from white European types to completely African types, or even local indian males. Latino boys are just so cute. Gay visitors will surely find what they like here. There are also many escort boys very to find in gay bars & clubs.

Of course, the best place for gay travelers who like to party is the city of Rio de Janeiro. Other places that are quite famous, but not especially for gay issues are Salvador da Bahia, Brasilia, Sao Paolo, Recife, Fortaleza, Porto Alegre and Porto Seguro.

If you want to have fun, you should stay close to the beach. Rio de Janeiro offers great beaches that are very long. It is very sunny and hot. Its is very easy to meet guys on the beach where handsome studs like to show their perfect body, tanned skin & muscles.

But Brazil has also to cope with huge security difficulties. Travelers have to be very carefull and not try to get in favelas.

General gay brazil links :
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Rio de Janeiro specific links :
Rio Gay Guide
[ the most complete site, listing of gay bars & clubs in Rio de Janeiro ]
[ Brazilian gay travel agency : tours & packages ]
Zoom Vacations
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Salvador da Bahia specific links :
Bahia Online
[ listing of gay bars & clubs in Salavador da Bahia ]
Grupo Gay da Bahia
[ biggest gay community of Salavador da Bahia, only in Portuguese ]
Bahia Boy Brasil
[ personal website of Fernendo, of young tourist guide in Salavador da Bahia ]
Carnal in Salvador
[ all about the carnaval in Salavador da Bahia ]

Photos gallery

brazil-salvador-bahia_cristo brazil-salvador-bahia_elevador-lacerda brazil-salvador-bahia_farol-da-barra_1 brazil-salvador-bahia_farol-da-barra_2 brazil-salvador-bahia_favelas
brazil-salvador-bahia_forte-de-santa-maria brazil-salvador-bahia_forte-de-sao-diogo_1 brazil-salvador-bahia_forte-de-sao-diogo_2 brazil-salvador-bahia_itaparica brazil-salvador-bahia_itaparica_2
brazil-salvador-bahia_pelourinho_1 brazil-salvador-bahia_pelourinho_2 brazil-salvador-bahia_pelourinho_3 brazil-salvador-bahia_pelourinho_4 brazil-salvador-bahia_pelourinho_igreja-carmo
brazil-salvador-bahia_pelourinho_igreja-pretos brazil-salvador-bahia_pelourinho_igreja-sacramento-do-passo brazil-salvador-bahia_pelourinho_igreja-sao-francisco brazil-salvador-bahia_pelourinho-igreja-sao-fransicso brazil-salvador-bahia_pelourinho-terreiro-de-jesus
brazil-salvador-bahia_praia-do-farol_1 brazil-salvador-bahia_praia-do-farol_2 brazil-salvador-bahia_praia-do-farol_3 brazil-salvador-bahia_praia-do-farol_4 brazil-salvador-bahia_praia-do-farol_6
brazil-salvador-bahia_praia-do-porto-da-barra_1 brazil-salvador-bahia_praia-do-porto-da-barra_2 brazil-salvador-bahia_praia-do-porto-da-barra_3 brazil-salvador-bahia_praia-do-porto-da-barra_4 brazil-salvador-bahia_rio-vermelho
brazil-salvador-bahia_salers brazil-salvador-bahia_sea-youngs brazil-salvador-bahia_statue brazil-salvador-bahia_surf_1 brazil-salvador-bahia_surf_2
brazil-salvador-bahia_surf_3 brazil-salvador-bahia_surf_4 brazil-salvador-bahia_surf_5 brazil-salvador-bahia_surf_6 brazil-salvador-bahia_surf_cute-twink


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